Zensus The publication of results will be postponed until summer 2024

11 Dezember 2023

The 2022 Census was conducted to determine how many people there are in Germany and how they live and work. A household survey covering about 10% of the population was carried out in 2022 to determine the size of the population and to collect information on labour force participation and education, for example. Statistical methods are used to extrapolate these data in order to obtain results for the entire population in Germany. This process involves several steps and includes comprehensive quality assurance methods. The results of the 2022 Census must be of high quality as the data will serve as a reliable basis for planning and decision-making at the federal, Land and municipal levels.

The quality assurance processes have revealed the need for further measures to ensure high-quality results. This work will delay the publication of the results until the summer of 2024.