Zensus 2022 Census: What happens to the collected data?

Pressrelease #25 of 03. August 2022

WIESBADEN - The surveys of the 2022 Census have been running since mid May. A total of over 23.9 million responses have already been received in the 2022 Census. The data are then processed in the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder, statistically combined with other data sources (population registers, for example) and further processed. The results of the 2022 Census will be released in November 2023. “We are committed to a very high quality standard regarding the 2022 Census results”, says Dr. Georg Thiel, President of the Federal Statistical Office. “This is why sophisticated statistical processing procedures are a major step towards providing high-quality population data.”

When the surveys are finished, the census data are processed
The aim and purpose of the 2022 Census is to obtain structured and reliable information on the living, working and housing circumstances of the people in Germany. The results of the 2022 Census are the basis for political and administrative plans and decisions in many respects. The collected data are therefore processed and checked in the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder to ensure high quality of the census results. The results from the surveys are compared statistically with information from the population registers, checked for inconsistencies and completed through statistical procedures where required.
Here is an example: most of the occupational data collected are allocated in an automated manner to a specific higher-level occupational group already when the data are entered into the online questionnaire or during subsequent processing. Manual handling is required where unclear cases have to be settled. One of the reasons why the data have to be allocated to a higher-level occupational group is that the results should be comparable at the national and European levels.

Statistical procedures generate information on households and families
After the data have been processed, a statistical procedure will be applied in mid 2023 to generate household and family relationships. Such data are combined from various census sources (household survey, census of buildings and housing and population registers) and are generated in an automated manner.

The surveys continue to run well
More than 23.9 million questionnaires have already been answered in the 2022 Census. The personal interviews of the census will generally be finished in mid August, although in some cases interviews will be held even afterwards. For a small number of the households already surveyed, a follow-up survey is conducted in parallel to the main survey and will be finished in mid November 2022. These interviews are held to subsequently assess the quality of the population figures obtained and they are compulsory all over the EU. Data collection in the census of buildings and housing continues.

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