Zensus Statement of the Federal Statistical Office: Integrity of interviewers in the 2022 Census

Pressrelease #03 of 4 February 2022

WIESBADEN The reliability of interviewers has been questioned in connection with the 2022 Census. The statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder make it clear that the interviewers are carefully selected, employed and trained for the 2022 Census by the municipal survey offices. The municipalities have extensive experience with the selection of poll workers and other volunteers.

As laid down by law, the reliability and discretion of interviewers has to be ensured in the Census, they have to commit themselves to confidentiality. The survey offices can request a certificate of good conduct when they recruit the interviewers.

The statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder are aware that the 2022 Census will be carried out under exceptional circumstances on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. All personal interviews will be conducted in keeping with the legislation on infection control measures applying at the time. The interviews will be short, with little contact and can be carried out at the front door or outside. Here, too, the interviewers are obliged to comply with infection control and also data protection regulations. There are alternative reporting channels in cases where respondents have concerns about being interviewed in person. Telephone interviews of respondents have been planned if the situation in May 2022 should prevent personal interviews being conducted in accordance with the infection control regulations while observing hygiene standards and taking preventive measures.

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