Zensus 2022 Census: online questionnaires make participation easier and are good for the environment

Pressrelease #09 of 20. April 2022

  • Online response is main reporting channel in the 2022 Census
  • Online questionnaire available in up to 15 languages
  • Online participation reduces paper consumption, is good for the environment and improves quality of results


WIESBADEN - Most people in Germany can no longer imagine not using digital media. This is a major component also of the 2022 Census. The focus of the survey is on online participation. This means that as many respondents as possible should provide their answers online.

Online questionnaire in up to 15 languages
“We have developed a modern and easy-to-use online questionnaire. This has many advantages for the respondents. They may easily complete the online questionnaire on their smartphone, tablet or PC. The questions relevant for them will directly be displayed – in up to 15 languages. This reduces the survey to just a few minutes”, explains Katja Wilken, overall project leader of the 2022 Census at the Federal Statistical Office.

Every online participation means fewer paper questionnaires, which is good for the environment. “In the 2011 Census, all paper questionnaires of the census of buildings and housing piled up would have produced a pile exceeding the height of the Mount Everest, which is 8,848 metres. We want to save these resources”, says Katja Wilken. In addition, online response involves benefits in the evaluation. For example, it makes data processing more rapid and more accurate, so that the results can be released earlier.

Response is given online in most cases
Respondents can easily access the online questionnaire at www.zensus2022.de when the survey starts in May 2022. For the census of buildings and housing, respondents will receive their personal login details by letter mail. The procedure is slightly different for the survey of households and residential establishments. Here the interviewers will hand over the login details for the online questionnaire after conducting a short personal interview. The personal interview is needed to find out who actually lives at the address. The respondents may than answer further questions online.

For people who cannot provide their answers online, there are alternative reporting channels. Katja Wilken says: “We know that there are people who have difficulties providing their information online. Relatives, children or grandchildren may of course help them to fill in the questionnaire. A paper questionnaire can be provided where necessary.”

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